Dermalogica – ProSkin

No one skin is like the other, therefore a specialized treatment is essential for visible results. Mask, exfoliation, massage, eyebrow correction and day care - your skin will thank you..

30 minutes   70.–
60 minutes 130.-
90 minutes 190.–

Dermalogica Face Mapping - Professional Skin Analysis

Instead of analyzing the skin generally, Face Mapping divides the face into fourteen different sections. As a result, your skin will be systematically examined and then treated professionally - a perfect basis for visible and tangible results.

Includes products instructions
15 minutes

Skin I - facial treatment for young people up to the age of 19

Especially youthful skin is often strained by acne. A consistent treatment on blemished skin is essential - this includes the proper care. Includes cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, mask and day care..

60 minutes 95.–

Bio-Brasion TRINITY - Wet/Dry microdermabrasion with 4 manually applied AQUAFUSE Solutions


60 minutes 190.–
90 minutes 230.-




Dermalogica stands for professional skin care, visible results and complete well-being. The secret is the high quality ingredients: Natural herbal extracts instead of chemically synthesized substances. Dermalogica products help restore the natural skin barrier, eliminate impurities, balance dry and oily spots and adapt to your skin and each of its different partitions. All products are free from mineral oils, lanolin, and artificial colors and fragrances.