Teresa Garibay

Art is an elixir of life to me – whether in terms of music, dance, painting, design or literature. With my education as a contemporary dancer at the Art Academy «Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes» in Mexico City, I fulfilled my heart's desire. My performances as an actress and as a dancer as well as my creating and rehearsing different choreographies was an ideal way of expressing my artistic view.

Influenced by these intense time and thanks to my many years as a spa manager in a renowned company in the Basel area, today I have the competence, creativity and intuition to fulfill the personal needs of my guests in the area of ​​beauty and wellness to their complete satisfaction.

To give your personality an individual touch and to make you glow - this is my very own interpretation of art. All the more, I look forward to welcoming you to my salon «Garibay · Beauty · Wellness» in Basel.